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Based on the excellent mIRC script, Gamespy2mIRC. Thanks to Peter Reinhold, the author of the GSM script, for the original idea and his blessing on my porting the script to Linux-based software!


Welcome to the XQF -> XChat Perl script web page for Linux XQF and XChat. This script links the programs XQF, XChat and Licq (not required). When you start a game with XQF, this script notifies other chat channel users that you are playing a game and (optionally) changes your nick to reflect your gaming status. Also, your Licq status can be changed (n/a, occupied, etc) and the autoresponse message will be changed to the stats of the server you are using. When gaming, other users in the room can request your gaming stats from the script. What mod you are playing, the server IP# and the elasped time since you started playing the game are available with a single request from other IRC channel chatters. When you return from gaming, you type a command and your nick is changed back, Licq is reset and other channel users are notified of your return.

Also, XQF -> XChat now has an optional feature of monitoring IRC channel traffic for a special command followed by a dotted-quad IP number. The script will then ping the IP number and report back to the channel the latency from your computer to that server. This is a nice feature for a group of people to easily find a public server that is usable by everyone because one person can post an IP number and the rest of the channel users will ping it automatically.


This script requires the IRC client XChat, compiled with Perl scripting support and the game browser XQF, version 0.9.5 or newer. For optional ICQ integration, Licq is required.


First, in XQF, you have to turn on LaunchInfo.txt support via Preferences / Appearance. Then, just drop the script into .xchat/ in your home directory.


Start XChat, and join the channels you wish. When you start a game with XQF, the script will automatically detect you have started gaming and will perform it's actions. When you are done gaming, make sure to type "/return" in a XChat window to tell the script you have returned.


While the script was made to work without user modifications, customization of notification messages is possible and various script features can be enabled or disabled to suit the user. The script is fairly well documented, just load it into your favorite editor and go at it.


Here it is: xqf-xchat-0.71.tar.gz.


Questions, enhancements, bug-reports and bug-fixes are all welcome. Send email to this address. Flames to /dev/null.


XChat A GTK IRC client.   Checkout the scripts page for more Perl scripts!
XQF A graphic game server browser for Quake, Unreal Tournment and other games.
Licq A Linux ICQ client.
Woody's XChat Page Another source of fine XChat Perl scripts.

Revision History

01/15/06 - Bug fix release. Thanks to Steffen Pankratz for the patch. (version 0.71)

06/28/03 - Changed a feature. Instead of "quiet channels" the script now uses "active channels". So instead of adding channels that you don't wish XQF -> XChat to monitor, you add the channels that it _will_ monitor. The script still defaults to using all open channels and you need to edit the script to add to the active channels list.

A new command was added to ping servers. It allows someone in a channel to post the command plus a dotted-quad IP number and the script will automatically ping that server and post the results back to the channel. This allows a group of people to quickly and easily find a suitable public server with a minimal amount of cut and pasting of IP numbers. You need to edit the script to enable this feature. Thanks to NiTrO for another idea! (version 0.70)

10/02/02 - Added new feature! Now you can add "quiet channels" to a list by editing the script. These channels will not receive the usual script gaming messages. Read the script for more instructions on how to use this. Thanks to NiTrO for the idea! (version 0.60)

9/02/02 - Fixed some problems causing server error messages and away message problems. Thanks to Pol for the heads-up. (version 0.56)

7/07/02 - Added rudimentary online help via the command /xqf-xchathelp. Updated the home page link in the script to the new one. (version 0.55)

12/09/01 - Licq detection was starting to get dodgy again, so I changed the regular expression to be less strict. Ran the script through perltidy. Now including this webpage in the package tarball. (version 0.54)

8/03/01 - Ludwig Nussel sent in a patch to fix a bug where the XChat user would get a error message if someone requested server information and you never cycled the script. Thanks Ludwig! (version 0.53)

7/25/01 - Thanks to Ludwig Nussel, XQF -> XChat now has some nice new features and bug fixes. Licq can be started at any time now (before Licq had to be running at script initialization for any Licq support). You can choose what Licq status you wish the script to use, like N/A, Occupied, Away, etc. (edit the script for this) As an appeasement to the mIRC crowd, the XChat command "/wallchan" can be used for various notifications. Finally, some bug fixes to make XQF -> XChat work correctly with XChat 1.8.1. Thanks Ludwig! (version 0.52)

6/15/01 - Now XQF -> XChat can set your /away status.   Made it easy to enable/disable many features of the script by setting variables in one central location to 1 or 0.   Read the script for more information on this and customize as you wish.   Made the default feature selection less annoying for mIRC users. (version 0.51)

3/16/01 - Continued making XQF -> XChat a good Perl-script neighbor by using the Perl packaging system.   Also added a flag to defeat the "gaming" nick change.   For now, you will have to edit the script to set this. (version 0.50)

2/12/01 - Updated XQF -> XChat to work better with other XChat Perl scripts that are running concurrently with this script. (version 0.43)

12/19/00 - Licq detection was proving erratic causing the script to disable Licq support erroneously or just plain hang. I've changed the code for this to something that will (hopefully) work better. (version 0.41)

12/14/00 - Licq support added! XQF -> XChat can now optionally update your Licq away message with the stats of the game server your are using. (version 0.40)

11/23/00 - Initial public release (version 0.30)


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