TTY-Opener is a distro with a text-based interface specifically for the I-Opener's 16 meg Sandisk.   Based on the ttylinux distro, plus a Linux 2.4.x kernel and other goodies.   TTY-Opener is designed to be a emergency backup OS to help you restore or change the main OS on your hacked I-Opener's hard drive.   TTY-Opener has enough functionality to be used as the primary distro as well.   A regular ext2 filesystem and lotsa room left on the Sandisk make it easy to customize for your own uses.


Obviously you need a Netpliance I-opener.   Don't ask me where to get one nowadays, but they are available if you look around.   You also need some way of getting the TTY-Opener disk image onto the Sandisk.   If you have Linux running on a separate hard drive, it's very simple to install.   It might also be possible to install the image from DOS using Dolly.


Check inside the tarball for installation instructions.



Outdated revision: ttyopener-02.tar.gz.


Questions, enhancements, bug-reports and bug-fixes are all welcome.   Send email to this address. Flames to /dev/null.

Links The Tigris and Euphrates of I-Opener hacking.
ttylinux The foundation of this distro.
M4I GUI Linux for the Sandisk featuring Netscape and VNC.
Jailbait The grand-daddy of all Iopener Sandisk distros.
Toms boot/root disk An entire Linux OS on one floppy.   I stole miterm and tomshexd from here.

Revision History

4/09/03 - The "Rise from your Grave edition."   Updated to 2.4.21pre5 kernel and synchronized with ttylinux 3.0.   Updated ssh client so you can connect to v2.0-only servers.   Made sure Sandisk-friendly version of LILO included

9/29/01 - Updated to 2.4.10 kernel and synchronized with ttylinux 1.12.   Updated and corrected my docs.   Made sure all of Pascal's docs from ttylinux were included

8/12/01 - Initial release


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